What are the Triangles?


What the heck are the triangles in this jpeg, what do they mean? At first I thought they denoting my choosing an output without activating it, but I have, in this jpeg, 8 outputs activated. So I don’t know

Hello comsax1,

Simple: Problem is that you load Surround Instrument (noted with 4.0 in media bay. It is not symbol for HALion 4 but for 4 busses instruments - there is lot of them). If you do not require rear channels you can use it as it or look on zones and found same instrument with 2 channel configuration (look on page 161 in manual).

Do not forget that manual is your friend and if you attaching pictures it is always good idea to visually mark what you mean (make same arrows pointing to problem) - it speeds up communication.

According Manual Page 45:

Missing Busses
If one or more bus connections could not be established, this button allows you to open the Pending Busses dialog. Here you can select alternative busses to be used instead, see “Automatic Output Connection” on page 161.

Hope it helps.


Thanks Tomas, you nailed it, if you find time, please tell me how to make the arrows you talk about.
Once again thanks for your time :smiley:


Skitch Skitch | Evernote is one of simplest.



Please ignore the last 2 posts, I figured it out Duh!!! :blush: