What are these vertical lines in the tracklist?

Cubase 11 Pro. I imported a MIDI file and it plays and sounds great but it has vertical lines in the tracklist that don’t seem to correspond to anything in the Key Editor. (e.g.,Measure 27 in this example.) A few of these lines appear elsewhere in the tracklist, as I’ve marked. There is no automation track except for the default volume one. Is this related in any way to these notes not being quantised? Thanks in advance!

PS - I tried quantizing them to the nearest 16th note but it made no difference.

Did you invoke MIDI - Show Used Controllers in the Key Editor, or examine the List Editor?

Yes, there’s an Expression ramp for CC 11 in Measure 27, but is that supposed to make vertical lines in the Tracklist?

You can specify its display in Preferences – Event Display I think it is ottomh

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