What Are Theses Playback Templates

Hi. I am sure these are explained in documentation somewhere, but I cannot find it. I obviously know what VSL and NotePerfomer are since I bought them, :slight_smile: but what are these different variations of the included Dorico playback engines? For example, what is GASE? I guess HSO is an upgraded version of HSSE, but I don’t know for sure. Are these all defined somewhere? Thank you!

GASE = Groove Agent SE

HSSE = Halion Sonic SE (a free sampler, I think!)

HSO = Halion Symphonic Orchestra

(Elements) = comes with Dorico Elements

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HSO = HALion Symphonic Orchestra
HSSE = HALion Sonic SE

Thank you! So, for normal symphonic stuff, I guess HSSE+HSO (Pro) makes the most sense since sampling and Groove Agent probably wouldn’t be needed.

That’s right