What are those funny little coloured thingys and why do they exist?

The thingies I am talking about are in the little colored bits on the RHS of the Visibility section of the inspector. They are something to do with the coloring of tracks, but are they just eye candy? What is their purpose. I have a huge template here and some are showing as colored and some not.

The colors should match the colors of that specific track. It is just to help you visually find and identify tracks, I believe, or I am looking at the wrong thing.

The thing is, As its not possible to see the visibly box without having the tracks on screen, bit redundant, nest pas?

Don’t loose sleep over it though…

Keep safe people


Isn’t that just your track/mixer colors?

Yes but why? Are the tracks not always there on show?

Probably because some names are longer and don’t fit the space? I would say, show the the thingy anyway and then if it don’t fit abbreviate the name? So it’s probably a ‘minor’ bug?

Bigger issues to solve of course. The preferences saving bug for sure.

If you pull the left zone to the right, you’ll see that after the little color strips there are the channel numbers too. I can’t imagine how they help. Why not show the main output’s name instead in the space of those two fields or something entirely different? Who knows.

How do you pull the left zone to the right? On my system nothing happens are you mac or win?

Windows. It gives me some leeway. Oh… I see now you are in the project, I meant in the mixconsole. The project refuses to expand even just a bit.