What are "Tool 1" through "Tool 10"?

I was just adding a Key Command and I happened to notice there are a bunch of commands named Tool 1, Tool 2, Tool 3, etc. (see attached). Anyone have an idea what they are for? Nothing in the manual.

These refer to the Select tool, the Range tool, The Scissors tool etc.
The main toolbar in the project page.

To follow up on Rotund’s post- in the editors it goes the same way, from left to right 1 through 10.

Always something to learn here.

Mahalo guys.

No I’m not referring to the Select, Range and other tools at the top of the list which are by default assigned to the keys 1, 2, 3, etc. Those are explicitly named “Select Tool” and “Range Tool.” I’m asking about the items on the list that are between “TimeWarp Tool” and “Zoom Tool” at the bottom of the list, the ones named “Tool 1”, “Tool 2”, etc.

There are two ways to get at the tools, by name, and by their order on the tool bar.

What they really need is one more!
Tool 11 !!
Cubase 8’s got to have it.

Yes! Everyone will want the DAW that goes up to 11!