What are your custom shortcuts?

Just wondering what convenient custom shortcuts other people have defined! Here are some of mine:

`: Toggle signposts
F6: Toggle condensing
K: Remove rests
Alt-X: Propagate properties
Ctrl-Alt-X: Swap
Ctrl-Alt-V: Explode
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-V: Reduce
Shift-1/2: Filter upstem/downstem voices
Alt-1/2/3/4: Filter top/2nd/3rd/bottom note
Alt-Shift-1/2/3/4: Filter upstem voice 1/2/3/4
Ctrl-Shift-1/2/3/4: Filter downstem voice 1/2/3/4
: Change voice to next voice on staff

The latest Notation Express keycommands_en.json runs to around 160 custom shortcuts. Don’t ask me what any of them are, though - they’re there specifically for the Stream Deck :wink:

Not really custom, but I have my numpad mapped Sibelius style. Just too used to it and I’m not on a laptop so…

Find it much more ergonomic than the dorico defaults since I can enter pitches with with my left hand and duration/articulation with my right.

I do the same, but with extra functionality added via macros so that I can add triplets, slurs, dynamics, fermatas, clefs, and a selection of articulations, playing techniques and ornaments without moving away from the numpad. And the often used key BACKSPACE is remapped to numpad “8”…

More than that, I am about to revise my shortcuts because it seems that some of them are causing conflicts within Dorico (as described in another thread, swedish localization keymap problem).

A good tip is to look into “double key” shortcuts, like for instance when you define Ctrl+F, S for filtering slurs and CTRL+F N for filtering notes etc.

I have Duplicate to Staff Above/ Below as Shift Alt N and M.
Select to End is Command E.
Change to UpStem /DownStem Voice 1 is Alt 1 and 2. (which I understand is a Sibelius default).
Remove Rests is Shift Alt R.
Then Filter Notes, Lyrics, Clefs, Text, etc, is Command F, then N, L, C, X, etc.

I’ve remapped Numpad 0 to move the caret by the currently selected value, which matches Finale’s 0 to add a rest. Otherwise I’ve not tried to map anything else from Finale.

I should probably add some for Split/ Beam Together and Dynamics Group/Ungroup, as those are frequent commands.

I have many. I have changed the note durations on the keypad to 1=whole, 2=half, 4=quarter, etc. +=sharp, -=flat, *=natural. F10/11 switches between page and gallery view.
I use Keyboard Maestro for items such as: F18=Copy, F19=Paste.
In short, I’m left handed which works well as I use the mouse with my left which leaves the keypad for my right. I’ve changed the most used shortcuts so they can be operated using the right side of the keyboard.

I use the numpad + and - for ‘enter next note above or below’. I actually use + for below because it’s the lowest button.

The trouble with changing the note duration numbers on the NumPad is that the ‘original’ Dorico numbers are used in some of the popovers, e.g. Tempo, Tuplet. Admittedly, you can use other terms instead, such as q, h, w, etc: though as a Brit, I find “Q for Crotchet, E for Quaver” requires more thought than I care for.

Even though Dorico’s numbers are different from Finale’s numbers, which were stamped in my head for 25 years, it’s not taken long to get used to them.

I have tons of added keyboard shortcuts. Here are a couple:

Ctrl-Alt-C - change selected notes to cue size (required a JSON hack)
F10 - show/hide signposts
Alt-1, Alt-2 - move note to previous/next voice
1 and 2 - change rhythmic grid resolution (I do these backwards. 1 makes the grid value smaller, which is called "increase resolution”)
Number pad - all sorts of stuff. Plus and minus to change octave of selected note
Ctrl-Alt-M/N - duplicate to staff below/above
Ctrl-Alt-P - propagate properties
Ctrl-Shift-R - remove rests
Alt-X - fit to page height. I love this one.

A lot of the others are not intuitive (for example, Ctrl-Shift-F6 for Filter-select all lyrics, which is random). Those I use for Stream Deck functions, and I don’t bother trying to memorize them.

I’m using BetterTouchTool with the MacBook Pro touchbar for things like Page View, Galley View, Condensing, filtering for dynamics and slurs. Basically substituting for the built-in shortcuts that make my wrist hurt when I try to type them. I also use 1 and 2 to change the grid resolution, which I use probably more than anything else.

Ctrl-D : duplicate
Ctrl-Alt-D: duplicate above
Ctrl-E : explode
Ctrl-Shift-E : reduce
Ctrl-Shift 1-2-3-4 : filter 1, 2 3 4th note of chord
Ctrl-Alt-Maj 1-2 : Filter upstem/downstem voices
Ctrl-Shift-D : filter dynamics
Ctrl-U : ungroup dynamics
Alt-X : Exchange staves content
Ctrl-Alt X : exchange voices content
Shift-end : select to end of flow

Ooh, that’s great! I didn’t realise double keystrokes were a possibility, you’ve made my day!

Yes, I use l,v for lv ties, cmd-F, n, t for filter top notes, cmd-F, n, b for filter bottom notes, etc…

Hey, Marc apparently your on a mac! I tried and defined some double shortcuts but they won’t work. Do you hold the cmd-key till the end? Do you type the “,” signs. What am I doing wrong here??
Thanks for some enlightement … :bulb:

Nope, cmd-f, then the other keys alone, quite quickly… I discovered that by mistake and found it extremely convenient for those filtering things!