What are your experiences with Steinberg support?

What are your experiences with Steinberg support? I don’t want to emit bad vibes, but let’s just say that I’m puzzled and frustrated.

I had a legitimate problem with Cubase Pro 10.5, and I created a support request, with steps to reproduce and link to a thread on this forum with screenshots. I got an automatic e-mail, and then the request just remained “open” until some weeks later it just disappeared completely. I mean, the link that was in the e-mail is now 404.

So I created another request where I basically just wanted to know why that happened (i.e. is it automatic, is there a technical problem, or was it actively deleted by someone). That request has now been open for a month, with nothing else than an auto-acknowledgment e-mail.

Imagine if I actually had a serious problem. You’d probably advise me to use the hotline, but that’s not the point. For example, recently I had a problem with macOS Big Sur + Ableton Push + Ableton Live 11, I contacted their support and got a helpful reply the next day. I have similar experiences with PreSonus. This is actually putting me off any further upgrades to Cubase for the time being.

“Puzzled and frustrated” as well.

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