What are your thoughts on the Apple Silicon chips transition ?

From the developer Mac mini that got sent out, developers are raving about how powerful it is while running completely cool. And that many iPhone apps have been super easy to port over to the new Mac OSX operating system. I’m hoping by extension that this will mean transitions from third party software developers from intro to AS will be much more straight forward than anticipated.

Adobe and Microsoft are already working with Apple on transitions. Is steinberg already working on this does anyone know ? Cubase on an AS computer by all accounts is going to blow PCs out of the water in terms of speed. Cubase is going to fly.

It based on a Arm. It has proven to be far more efficient than Intel x86. However there is no official showing that it can compete with Intel xeon’s. (Who care about, they need to smash AMD too) I think there laptop’s will be good. It wont be faster than a Ryzen 4800U but it will have better battery. Arm is nothing new. Many has tried to get them up to speed over the years. I dont think apple care that much about high-end users. Look how they handle their Mac pro. Total disaster for 10 years. It is no longer their business, they are consumer products. Their rationale is probably based on software echo system more than anything else. The software market is big, they got a big part of the for the ipad/iphone, but very little on the mac. There objectives are to get the app store to be a success on mac too. One way is off course to make sure that there is the same applications. And it is pretty cool, you buy your software and then run it on ipad/iphone/mac. The draw back is of course that the software vendor need to pay 30% apple tax. And when you buy your software though app-store you are locked in to the echo system. You can’t move to windows or linux since your licenses are for apple products.

Interesting i see what you’re saying. However with the apps, steinberg for example already pays 30% via cubasis for iPad, but if they are able to port it to a Mac very easily that could open up more additional revenue which offsets the fee they pay, and this also leads to a jump off point for cubasis users who then decide to move to cubase pro. Just like garageband on the Mac to Logic Pro.

Even if the speeds aren’t as spectacular as people are banking on, there seems little doubt that much longer battery life and a cooler system meaning no fan noise is going to be a major boom for users.

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An iPhone App is not comparable to a DAW. Low-Level Audio processing, communicating with hardware devices, …

The transition could be good for Apple Logic Pro in the long run, depending on how many manpower Apple is willing to invest for porting & coding. Maybe it will not be so good for Cubase. I honestly don’t know how easy / difficult the port will be, as an IT professional, I only have a rough idea that this port could mean quite a lot of work. Could be a cost issue for Steinberg…

There is no fan noise interfering you when you have your mac pro in machine room. So for home studio users I might be lower noise. But for pro it might be useless. Im not sure that the software market for music/audio can survive without the pro’s. If all the pro’s move to windows it will be difficult for marketing. However, that is most likely more for video, I think it is hope that a arm mac pro will be good enough for audio, but I dont think we will be there for another 5 years. And are apple allowing third-party plugin format as VST or AAX? It is a security risk if they can not analyse them. And if they are not allowing that, will Steinberg and Avid give up their technology so easy? And if they do it will be a mess to maintain windows applications too. From what I can find on google there AUv3 for ipad. No VST or AAX so it is most likely not to be something that you can get though app-store. It will be a bumpy road that’s for sure.

I love cubase a lot but if steinberg don’t transition to the new chips in good time, I’ll most likely definitely move to Logic Pro.

The transition as not even started yet. For sure Logic is far a head from other daws regarding this. I need all the pluggins too, NI, Spectransonic, Waves, Fabfilter etc. Att to that all hardware. Controllers, soundcard etc. Im sure that it will be a mix of vendors that are ready when the first Arm Mac are sold, other will be history. Some might work with rosetta, however im not so sure that it will work with plugin in x86 format emulations within a host like cubase running as arm64. I guess that we have to wait about a year before we get to know what they are going to do.

Sure but like Logic will be primed and ready to go i imagine so will any AU plugin as that’s part of the architecture of Logic Pro so many of these plugins will be easier to implement than vsts i guess (though I may be completely wrong). Meaning that logic as well as third party plugins may be up and running fine.

Sure they “may”, but it is a work that need to be done. Look in the list of plugin waves or ni. It will be many hours just to verify that they can be released. Many plugins uses third-party librarie, they need to their job first and make a release before plugin vendor can do their work. So it will take some time. A naked Logic might work, but can you work with it?