What can I do about UR44's constant static hiss/white noise?

I’m trying to record some guitar directly, using UR44. I will then of course add FX etc. My problem at the moment is the static hiss/white noise coming off the interface, which makes it really unpleasant to monitor as I record.

What are some measures I can take to reduce this noise? (Apart from a noise gate, which I will also use.)

According to the Mono In metre in Cubase, it’s around -83-82dB, so it isn’t particularly upsetting until I connect it to an amp sim or gain/distortion plug-in, at which point it becomes very upsetting. Throw on a couple of delays and reverbs, and it’s absolutely awful.

Please note that this noise isn’t from the guitar. It is present even with input gain 0, and nothing even connected to the input.

If you use high gain preamp simulation, this will always amplify the noise, no matter how low it is.

So you have around -82 dB noise on the analog input, even if the input gain on the interface is at lowest level?
If so, I don’t think it is normal. Does this occur on all 6 inputs, and does it change with the input gain settings?

I used to have the Steinberg UR242 and had the same problem with high noise floor. Switched to an Audient interface and have never looked back.

It happens with all 6 inputs, even with nothing connected, and gain at the lowest level. It goes up with gain. At max gain, it’s at around -60dB.

Hi bernalex,
I have to correct myself. Just re-activated my UR-44 and gave it a try. I also see and hear this noise around -85 to -82 dB on all 6 analog input channels.
Looks like that’s really the noise floor of this device.
Under “normal” circumstances it is inaudible (I cannot hear it if I listen directly to the channel and output the signal to one of the headphone outputs that is at max. - only if you open the input gain nearly completely you start to hear some noise)
But if you e.g. amplify a recorded signal by 24 dB, it’s clearly audible.


That’s really annoying for you. I have a UR22c and it’s very quiet unless you max out the gain. I guess you have the latest firmware and drivers for your interface?

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Likewise, I just got a new UR and it’s very quiet. Way more so than the much more expensive Personas it replaced.

There was a new main firmware since last I updated, so I installed that. However nothing seems to have changed.

It’s hovering around -75 on my guitar, with the gain at 3 dots. The completely unconnected/off inputs are still at around -82

Noise is hardware related… how should this change with firmware updates?

Is the noise coming thru both headphones and monitors. If so Try unplugging monitors and see if noise is in headphones. Maybe try another usb cable to check that’s not the problem.
You may just have a faulty unit. I quickly looked a reviews on sweetwater and Amazon and noise wasn’t a problem in most cases.
I hope you can sort the issue. :grinning:

The noise is coming from the UR44. As mentioned, the metres in Cubase display it. It is audible irrespective of output. It is an input problem. I don’t have a spare USB cable, but I could try to get one.