What can I do with this USB e-Licenser?

I have a spare USB e-licenser from an upgrade from Cubase AI to Cubase Artist (I believe it was version 9.x).

If I open the e_licenser control Center, the message displayed for the USB e-licenser on the licenses window is:

“All Applications: Steinberg, Non Movable, Remaining Time: 24 h 58 min 42 sec”

Can I erase this USB elicenser completely or still use it for version 9?

Thanks for any advice/help.

You can use it for 24 h 58 min 42 sec with any Steinberg program thatvrequires a Soft or USB elicenser.

@ svennilenni: Thanks for your reply.

Besides the time-limit, can I erase it completely to be able to re-use it for some other license?
The e-licenser Control Center only gives the option to “clean elicenser memory”, but still there’s mention of the time-limit.

It is not a limit but a present. You can run anything for 24 hours. But if you can erase it you can do it without risk.

I understand, but HOW can I erase it?
The options in the Elicenser Control Center do not result in a total erase!

You can not “erase” it but you can put other licenses on the Dongle if you buy some.
What I have done (if the licence allows it) is to move the unneeded licenses to a soft elicencer and then delete that one.
But you don’t need to. They do no harm on the dongle

Then impossible, but why the need? It is something generic. Does no harm. Will eventually disappear after use. I have 5 demo runs of hypersonic 1 on my dongle, which I can’t remove nor use.

OK guys, thanks for your replies/advice.
At first I thought the dongle was of no use, but the time-limit will eventually disappear.
Due to the Non Movable option, it cannot be transferred to the soft elicenser.
Thanks for the additional info.

I keep that dongle with the 25 hour license in a safe place, and it will serve in an emergency, if my regular dongle is lost/stolen/destroyed.