What can't I do in C7 Artist that I can do in the Full one?

…the title says it all really - I’m just looking to buy Artist, but don’t want to discover that there’s something - a little ole singer songwriter like me - won’t be able to do without upgrading?


Have you seen the feature comparison? It may be easier if you ask a more specific question based on that.
Vari-Audio could be helpful for a singer.

Whoops! I just realized we are talking about C7, not C8! Well, the list should be similar, minus the new features in C8. And you may have a tough time finding C7 or C7A anyway, and, if you do, you would likely get a grace period update to C8 anyway!

Maybe one of the best sources in completeness for answering the question is the plugin Guide and the Operation manual. Both have many references I run into that say (Cubase Only). Only problem is you have to do a lot of skim reading. For instance CurveEQ is in Cubase but not other versions. The only other place I know of has already been mentioned.