What "Clock Source" should I use: Internal or External?

Hi all,

Sorry if this is a very simple question but I am wondering if I should be setting my clock source in Studio Setup as internal or external??

My VST Audio system is running off my Apogee DA-16X converter (which is my soundcard) and the clock in the Apogee is the Big Ben master clock which is very good. I actually thought I was always running off that clock until today I noticed that the clock sound source was set to internal.

I am confused. Does “internal” mean I am clocking off the Apogee? Or would I need to select external for the Apogee clock to be used??

Thanks for any tips!!

It is best to run your Apogee on internal if possible or do you have more connected then that? Please give a complete setup, computer type, mac or PC etc

Thanks for your reply. I am running a Mac with Sierra and my Cubase version is 9.5.

My main soundcard/converter is my Apogee DA-16X which has 16 outputs and no input. I sum analog and therefore send my tracks out of those 16 outputs into an analog summing box and then record back into Cubase through my Apogee Rosetta 200 which has 2 inputs.

The Apogee devices (DA-16X & 2 Rosetta 200s) are daisy chained together via their symphony cards. There is an Apogee PCIE card inside my Mac that hooks all those devices up to the computer.

The DA-16X is the Master device and the 2 Rosetta 200s sync to its clock.

And where does the big ben come in this setup?

The Big Ben clock is built into the DA-16X.

One can buy the Big Ben separately but in this case it is already built into the DA-16X standard.