What CMC units are you missing? (That does not exist)

Im missing av CMC-MC. A monitor control unit. Turn on/off click, master volume etc.

A Control Room call “CMC CR” With monitoring clic talk & rounting (Mix/Cue) & with the possibilities of controlling the sends cues of the selected channel ! :wink:

Using the Control room in conjunction with the UR28M gives me everything I need in that department.
It would be nice if the CMC-EQ would automatically let the knobs be used to control the highlighted rack on the channel strip though, so perhaps a ‘CMC-CS’ channel strip controller might not be amiss.

yes I must admit the CMC-CR sounds like a very good idea ,for your listen functions and choosing your monitors and mono mix , then maybe it might allow you to have the loudness meters on display instead of the CR .
good call :wink:

I would like an FD with real flying faders and TFT for channel information.

it would be nice if Steinberg or Yamaha came up with a mid priced controller instead of either end of the price scale and a real fader jobby would be lovely :wink:

Yes, I agree entirely although I must admit I do like the idea of the modular controller. I just think the CMC series is incomplete in terms of product mix (EG monitor section as mentioned in this thread) and lacks fundamental features which could take the product line to a new level. I recognize there are limitations in terms of what you can do with 500 mA per device which probably explains the absence of displays/motors etc. but perhaps the communication paradigm should be reexamined anyhow (who wants 8 USB cables lying all over the place?). In any event, I would like to see something evolve out of this whether it is a mid-priced integrated controller (something like the SSL Nucleus without the analog thingies) or even a Mackie-priced extendable controller with a sleeker form factor (I want to like the Mackie but it just looks so clunky to me). If the Avid C24 series had Eucon and an analog-free option (no pres etc.) I would jump at it.