What could I have done to lose the frame chain pull down menus?

In experimenting with frame chains, I managed to make a number of experimental frames missing my frame chain/order/flow etc. options. (See image)

What might I have done, and how can I get them back?

Also, what does the unlink button do, and is it reversible?


When a frame gets too narrow, then the three menus in the top left-hand corner of the frame stop drawing, to avoid them becoming too wide for the frame itself. To get them back, simply make the frames a little wider again.

As for the ‘Unlink’ button, if you have a music frame that’s inherited from the master page, i.e. its identifier begins with "M’, so it’s something like “MA”, then clicking the ‘Unlink’ button will disassociate it from the frame chain in the master page, and make it into a layout-specific frame, as if you had basically deleted the one from the master page and dragged out one onto the layout with exactly the same dimensions and position as the one from the master page. You can indeed reverse it, by choosing the original frame chain from the list in that menu again – e.g. if you “unlink” a frame from the “MA” frame chain it might become part of the “LH” frame chain, but you can then simply choose “MA” from the list again.

Thanks, Daniel.

Is there another way to get to these menu choices when the menus disappear from the frame?

Like a right-click? Or a small menu popup from the corner of a frame - no matter how small? I looked and looked and couldn’t find one. (Having the menus disappear is very confusing!)

Or maybe you could add, when I zoom in to the page, the menus pop up again in a normal sized font or something?

If you’re curious, frame setups like this would be useful for setting up music to print on pop-out business cards for creating educational materials for students. I could also imagine it for creating a skinny footnote of music or something like that.


At the moment, there’s no way of making the menus appear other than making the frame big enough. Hopefully you will not find it too great an inconvenience to temporarily resize the frame in order to change the setting, then make it smaller again.