What cursor to use in 7.5.30 ?

Cough Cough , this is unusable , how many updates later ? still the same crap .

As you can see in the video the cursor is completely unusable when zoomed in . This is beyond a joke !


I dont understand why youd want to be zoomed in that close, while going thru the project. I only zoom in that close to do editing and whatnot. Turn off Follow, and scroll thru the song manually with it zoomed in. That may help… idk…

Are you trolling? :laughing:

Lol… :laughing:
sorry its just funny :wink:

Oh the irony .
If you haven’t anything constructive to say why open your mouth and make yourself look stupid ?


This is funny to me, too.

Talk about an extreme “use-case” – in software development parlance. Lol.

But, ideally, it should work smoothly if Steinberg were using a more performant graphical API in Cubase. I.e., full 2d/3d hardware accelerated calls.

Like a video game.

But then there’s the whole can of worms with PC vs Mac (Direct X vs OpenGL), video card support and the video card driver cat and mouse game. Support in laptops with lesser graphical prowess. Having to support two UI modes (a.k.a. a “software only” fallback support for those without fancy video cards).

So, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, probably.

But it would be cool if it did!

And, it would allow for a more snappy UI when projects get loaded down.

Offloading every last video call from the CPU to the video card GPU would also allow for a few more real-time fx.

  • wakes up from dream *


I know it’s never going to happen , One of the Mod’s actually Admitted to a friend of mine that there was a problem with the way windows now handles the cursor and that they could not fix it .
Obviously this is an extreme setting to show the full extent of how unstable the curosr is in use , you don’t even have to zoom all the way in for it to start going blurry .
It makes me laugh that the cursor works perfectly in all the earlier versions of cubase but like many other things that have been broken they have been put on the "forget it " pile .

Stationary cursor setting works for me

Hi Shanabit
That is a work around yes but it just feels a little strange having the cursor Stationary and the project moving ,it’s an “old dog and new ticks” case i think . Unless this is rectified in version 8 and the masking removed form the cursor then 6.5 is where I’ll stay along with quite a few folk i think .

I feel ya man. Seems like an easy fix. Im not zooming that far most of the time so Im not affected like you

I can understand his need, for all I know the OP draw his own audio signals ¡

Actually, SirJoseph’s advice was spot-on as usual. Because it doesn’t fit whatever demented use of the program you’re trying to achieve doesn’t warrant your inane response - certainly nothing “ironic” about it.

@d-_-b Please refrain from this type of insulting comment.

Asking that is trolling, there’s an irony for ya.

@mozizo- that’s off topic, and really unecessary.

This thread was more about throwing insults around and putting each other down than about Cubase.

Thread locked.