What determines if "Save" is greyed out or not?

After saving in Wavelab the Save command is greyed out until I make additional modifications to what I’m working on. This makes perfect sense. However I’ve noticed that sometimes I know I’ve modified stuff since my last Save but the Save command remains greyed out. What distinguishes modifications that enable saving and those that don’t?

If you are seeing this behavior - especially after you know you just changed something - document exactly what did and get it up here - or better yet - send it to PG.

I am wondering tho if you have AutoSave engaged (check under File-Prefs-Audio Montage) and see what that is set to.

If an Auto save has occurred - stands to reason that Save should now be greyed out. Until you make you next change.

Any change - no matter how minisule - should be saved.


Some “changes” are only visual - for instance, moving the cursor or changing the zoom. These are not stored as part of the music file, and so are not indicated.


Are you sure Autosave works that way? I would expect autosave to take place in the background, to give the user a safety copy with a certain time interval (like Cubase does with the .bak files). If so, the user didn’t actively save so the save button should be available. But maybe WL is different here?

Not exactly sure if an “autosave” suddenly takes the Save button to a greyed state or just takes a safety copy. I am inclined to think it’s your suggestion actually.

Probably one for PG to comment on.


autosave is saving a copy of the montage (backup), it does not change the “modified status”.

OK I had this happen last night. I had just saved the Montage and Save was greyed out. Then I opened Master Rig (in MasterSection/Effects) and modified a handful of EQ settings. Thinking these changes were worth keeping I discovered Save still greyed out. So I decided to see what happened if I closed and then restarted WaveLab - made a few more dummy changes before-hand so I’d know Autosave wasn’t involved. Turns out the ‘never saved by me’ EQ changes were all still there. So it seems stuff like this has a way of being retained that is outside of the normal saving process.

There are two things at play here:

  1. The master section is never automatically saved with a montage. It can’t be because it is global for all files and montages. If you want a similar function that will be saved with the montage, use the montage output effects section (See Inspector). (You can also save a master section with a montage, BTW)
  2. The master section at WL startup will be the same as the last time you closed WL (I think this is a setting that can be changed).

Then I opened Master Rig

I see now. This is an “old story”. WaveLab can undo/redo plugin states. For this purpose, WaveLab tracks them.
Unfortunately, certain plugin change the state that is visible to the host, without apparent change. And WaveLab see that as a change, hence set the “modified state”.

For example:

  • plugin UI is about to open… WaveLab grabs its internal state [A]
  • plugin UI closes… WaveLab grabs its internal state again and compares it to [A]. If the state has changed, WaveLab considers the plugin setting(s) was modified by the user. There is no other control to monitor a plugin change.

Unfortunately, the state could carry values that cause rounding errors (eg. -3.0 dB when opening and eg. -3.000001 dB when closing), or a state could contain a time stamp (which obviously will change).

Since the VST format does not have any rule about this, there is no solution. WaveLab always prefer to announce a modification.

OK, that explains a lot. So I think this is correct:
Mastersection - things you want to always apply to everything
Inspector - things you want to apply to a specific Montage, Clip or Track

However - this is getting a bit like pulling a thread on a sweater that keeps going further - when I just went to explore this info I found the entire Inspector Section greyed out :confused: . Not sure how that happened. I was actively using the Inspector to add Clip FX a couple of days ago & it wasn’t greyed, so… :question:

@raino: I guess you were looking at the Inspector while having a single wave file in view and not a montage. It’s only functional for montages for obvious reasons.

No, I did have Montage focused at the time. Oddly it became un-greyed a few minutes later and not due to anything I did - at lest as far as I can tell. It was kind of like it took a long time before it was ready to use & then everything was fine.

I’ve noticed some odd things a few times that were resolved by closing & reopening Wavelab. Once the play button didn’t do anything. Another time WaveLab was playing, meters bopping around but none of it going to my audio device. Checked the settings and the routing is all correct, focus is on Wavelab, still no sound. Both resolved by restarting.