What did I just buy?

I thought I bought the upgrade from Padshop to Padshop pro. When I installed it a message box came us saying essentially, nothing to do. When I booted C7, I’m still on basic Padshop. The Support Form is asking for a number of questions that don’t apply to software like model number, serial number, dealer, etc.

What do I do now?

if you have bought an upgrade for padshop ? then you need to put the activation code in the eliencer for it to be upgraded to padshop pro . is that what your asking ?

sorry your a little unclear

Right. I didn’t realize I had to do that in eLicenser. Once I got it activated, all of the presets vanished as well as the the entire Halion Sonic trial. All of the other VSTs are working correctly. Maybe I’ll just wait until the 19th for the 7.0.1 patch and see if that helps.

This entire C7 experience is really trying my patience.

be patient my friend it will be worth it in the end :wink: