What do I need to D/L with Absolute 3?

Ok - Just bought Absolute 3 the other day.

have downloaded everything under Absolute 3 from the Download Manager.

But I also have the option to download HALion 5 under Absolute 2. As well as HALion Sonic 3.

Do I get anything new from downloading these other files?

Also if I get Halion 6 SE and the other bundled VSTs with Cubase 8.5 or Cubase 9 - do I get anything new from these or do I already have everything from my purchase of Absolute 3?

If I buy Cubase will I be paying for some stuff I already have therefore?

FINALLY: I’m looking at buying Cubase because nothing from Absolute 3 works in Live 9. Is it like this for everyone? It’s a hell of a lot of money for me.

Maybe I shouldn’t have bought Absolute 3? Too late now. Contacted the local distributor in Australia about 4 days ago but no response :frowning: