What do people do with their pads?

Don’t get me wrong. These things are probably great but I’m just ignorant about what all these little touch screen devices can do nowadays. I could use Google and Youtube and get a number of hits but watching the actual videos is just same old same old phluphph pseudo info mixed with unbearable hype.

I think it’s better to ask some real humans here at steinber.net. What do you do with say Cubasis and Amplitube and your chosen iPad/Android/Whatever thingie? I get a slightly annoying number of emails from IK Multimedia, a reasonable few from Steinberg and then a few extra for good measure telling me I need to do this and it kind of looks like fun but is it? Is it even useful and transferable to my DAW or is it just killing time?.

I have my doubts so enlighten me, am I really missing something if I don’t care too much about those devices? :confused:

I have an Android tablet which I use as a remote control for Cubase on my PC, beyond that, I fail to see the magic of having to compose on a tablet… But I know a few who swear by it. For a location recording if you had a compatible multi-channel interface (like Steiny’s UR44 for example) you would have less gear to haul, but you still need all the ancillary stuff, so not much advantage… I believe you can transfer over to Cubase from Cubasis, so that would be cool for sketchpad stuff if you had an iPatch and iRig or something…

remote control, not bad! :sunglasses:

Steiny’s IC Pro remote works for Apple-heads and Droid-Oids alike :laughing:

I have cubasis and v-control pro. Used cubasis a few times but couldn’t get into it. Rather be at my workstation. V-control I use all the time. The v-window (I think that’s what they call it) sets it apart from every other control app I’ve used. Its awesome having plugin guis on the screen.

-Recording sounds from it into cubase, triggering cubase synths via midi, lemur, using it as a vst, (some great stuff for ableton use) various other sweet audio tools and innovative audio paraphernalia available…

-if im on vacation and traveling light (without laptop) - quick musical inspirational notepad to carry ideas back to the studio,even djing with it…

-casual gaming, surfing the web, email, writing in this forum…

-quick pic edits, taking pics(mainly of computer screens with errors or info) the occasional moving pic…(seldomly)

Lots of different stuff actually - from A-Z… Its always on and its noise emision is 0db so yeah, kinda pleasant… Its nothing to use by itself (unless all you wanna do is surfing,email,watch/stream videos, games, reading, etc) but if you have a laptop/desktop to pair it with, its very nice… (Good reader for file transfers via wifi) also has office use if you are in one of those:p
its a great sidekick actually… Like a latop (with limitations)
Since the ios 8.2 they have kind of crippled it tho(no more root access) which is a pain in the you know what if you want to transfer numerous audiofiles back n forth- which is why i will prolly jailbreak it if they dont fix it by the time ios9 comes around…

Cubasis? Had used it on several vacays, but its too much of a pain in the"“”" to work with it on a pro level (obviously). Had many times where it garbled my saved tracks upon reopening and touch interface audio editing is likewise a pain in the “”" (for me at least…) But its fine for quick idea sketches and recording into it… To then transfer to daw;)

-would use icpro more if we could connect it via usb- daw is offline and i dont like having wifi on (for adhoc) which i have used extensivly for lemur/kapturepad in live… Been neglecting/ignoring live since v9 and been actively hung up in cubase :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant imagine not having an ipad nowadays…:stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of stuff untold, but you get the picture:p

Damn! :sunglasses:

Heeey! That is an an answer! Thanx! :sunglasses: