What Do These Symbols Mean?

This isn’t a “problem” to be solved, just something I was wondering. I’ve noticed in my Track Instruments and Plugins lists, some apps have symbols next to them and others have none at all. I was trying to find a meaning for these in the manual but can’t find anything. See the snapshot included. Can anyone tell me what these mean and if it’s described in the manual somewhere? Thanks
Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 9.26.06 AM.png

That column is telling you whether the instrument is VST3, VST2 64bit or VST2 32bit. The icons are very similar in their appearance, but four at the top are III and the 3 below are II (with an outline around, and why they don’t get rid of the outline??).

no icon - VST2 64bit
II - VST2 32bit


My guess… probably because some programmer thought an outline would be a good symbol to signify that a VST bridge is required for that VST.

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And if you don’t all already know… the next version of Cubase, Version 9, is dropping support for 32bit support. So those marked II can’t be used anymore, either upgrade them, find 64bit alternatives or use JBridge.


Thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated. If that’s somewhere in the manual, I obviously missed it.