What do thgese symbols mean in Halion one?


A lot of the instruments in Halion One are listed twice, with two different symbols (see screenshot below.)

I believe one means the instrument was created with real samples and I’m not sure what the other means. What do they both actually mean, and which is the best to use?



Sorry, I don’t know these icons. But you can add Media > File Type column to the results list of MediaBay. Then you can see, what kind of file are these.

So I couldn’t find Halion One in media bay, but I did manage to expand the window I took the screenshot from.

What’s the difference between the two?




As you can see, one is the Track Preset and the other one is the VstPreset.

The Track preset contains the Instrument plus the whole track setup. There could be some more plug-ins (Insert effects, Channel Strip), etc.

The VstPreset contains the data for the HALion One only.

Cool, thanks for the clarification