What do you hope to see in Cubase update?

Obviously hoping 3 clicks is fixed.

I’m hoping to see background colour of dialogue boxes to be inverted, so that it’s dark text on light back ground:


Curious where you heard that Nuendo 10 will be released in two weeks? The most recent info I’ve read from Steinberg only says they are “…aiming for Q2 of this year, beginning of it. We still cannot confirm an ETA.” That was just posted in the last day or so on the Steinberg Facebook page.

And I do agree that the Cubase ARA update will likely be released at the same (or nearly the same) time as Nuendo 10. But again, I think Nuendo 10 release is looking like early May right now, unless you have new info?

I would like to see a sticky post by Steinberg to update us users on the progress of fixing these issues and bugs
Of course,I can appreciate there are many,many variables.
But at the same time there are a lot of upset users out there too
For me,I haven’t used Cubase 10 much,due to work commitments outside music.But so far no issues with Cubase 10

Sort HiDPI Scaling out its a mess at either 100% or 200%. The rest I can live with.

I’d like them to fix the bug where audio doesn’t seem to reach the master fader.

It’s happened a few times on my main computer, and it happen often when I transfer a project from the main computer to my laptop.

At this point I only care about the large amount of simple workflow features that need to be fully finished or implemented in order to move Cubase from being the click-heavy app that it is compared to most other DAWs, into something that’s a faster joy to work on instead of a fight in quite a few ways. Anything else is purely gravy for me.


I “hate” the white on black theme for dialogue boxes

Track (Part) List view in Key Editor like Sonar or Studio One.

just wish for cubase to catch up to other DAWs,
especially fix the high ASIO /CPU usage of cubase

  1. Get rid of the cycle on the time line!
  2. Fix hitpoints

Yes, please!!!

Regarding 1. As a workaround, just add another RULER Track and put it just below the main one, it doesn’t allow the grabber tool to show up and engage the cycle. Just use that ruler for locating and the main one for cycle if you need to

Thanks for the workaround but muscle memory still takes me to the timeline…

Video rendering please

Long track names in the mixer wrapping to 2 lines on Windows 10. This one’s so annoying as it worked on Windows 7 but not 10.


Multiple punch in /out zones. It could be a life saver when for example reamping or rendering hardware units and having the whole record into one big project.

Stability. No more spikes in real time performance on a 10+ core i9 processor at 4.3 ghz and 64 gb of ram. I bought an expensive computer to handle heavy audio and I feel Cubase isn’t optimized for high core counts and it’s such a bummer.

Eucon bought upto date, the wait gone beyond ridiculous now.

It was claimed in these forums by Steinberg staff that they had bought to features up to date some years ago and would be released with Eucon vers 3. That has come and gone over the last few years.

A recent email to myself from Steinberg said they remained committed to the the Eucon protocol. Numerous avid control users wait with baited breath.