What do you like to see steinberg make

This can be an virtual effect or vst instrument or hardware:

Personally i like to see a steinberg midi keyboard with mounting option for your cmc controllers.

For ideas on the road I would love to see an equal or more then 8 track Cubase sketch App (for Android or iOS) that is able to create .cpr’s, you directly can open with Cubase.
Inlcuded could be a simple MPC like drum machine, a super light Halion Sonic player and of course a descent MIDI key editor.

new virtual guitarist & virtual bassist (with fretless bass) ! & yes a IOS Cubase

Thank you Steinberg :slight_smile:

Yes! I requested this in the new VST Survey. Anyone who wants this (or anything from Steinberg VST related) mention it in the survey! Please also request GA4 and TG4. :wink: