What do you test Dorico on?

Do your developers ever test Dorico on minimum recommended computers so they can see what’s it like for an hour?

Watching your tutorial videos, everything seems to move right along on their screens. Unlike mine, including restarts and switching modes to see if write mode will unfreeze.

Am I too underpowered? I admit I am not much of a computer wiz.

Your computer’s specs should be fine. It’s obviously not a super-high-end machine, but an i5 CPU, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD should be sufficient to give reasonable performance. How big are the projects you’re working on that are giving you performance problems?

Rexwine, while I certainly can’t speak with Daniel’s authority, you shouldn’t be having those problems. My second machine is a 2010 MacBook pro (2.66 i7 with 8gb ram) and I have no problems running Dorico on it. Admittedly, I’m not working on massive orchestral scores, but it seems to me like something else must be amiss here. Some buried setting in windows, perhaps. If my 7 year old computer (with one failing core, mind you) can run things ok, your newer machine with SSD should be ok. (Not meaning in any way to start a debate about windows/mac: I will admit that things are choppier on my 2015 all-in-one windows machine at work, also with 8gb ram, but they are still acceptable.)

I’ve come to conclusion it’s the size of the score. I’ve got the Modern Orchestra template, plus added two more string quintets.

As I’ve already got most of the notation in, it is packed already and I’m only 80 percent done. On top of that I’m now trying to add EW samples which is even a heavier load.

Although I will add, I’ve done the same thing in my DAW with same computer and not feel like I’m back on Windows 3.1

But there are a lot more calculations going on here I guess — so I’ll make it work, for now.