What do you think of the new Maximizer?

I have been using the L2 for years. I’m always careful never to push it too hard and just enough for the volume to be in the ballpark of commercial CD’s. I am coming from 8.5 and I have to tell you just the display of the new maximizer is so much better. I think this new update might replace the L2 when I am mastering.

What do you think of the updated Maximizer? Do you like it in the original or modern mode better? Do you find one better in certain applications over another?

Modern, cleaner.love it, more useful on the rock, pop stuff I mostly mix.
It kinda reminds me of L2, feels cleaner than L2, the classic mode is dirty imho, but sometimes that is what’s needed.

I agree with you 100 percent. I love the new Modern option. I use SSL EQ and comp on a 2 bus many times and the Modern setting keeps that open spacious clear sound. At times when you don’t want that open sound the standard version might be a better option. I personally will no longer use my Waves L2 as I like this Maximzer much better.