What do you think of this Laptop? Asus UX31


I’m thinking about buying a laptop in addition to my PC. I’d like to run Cubase and a few plug-ins on it.

But the UX31 has only one USB3.0 and one USB2.0 interface. I’m planning to connect the following devices:
5 USB Dongles
1 external USB3.0 SSD
USB Mouse (and additional Keyboard)
Roland Octa-Capture or something similar via USB http://www.rolandmusik.de/produkte/UA-1010/index.php
I thing that I at least need one or two USB hubs.

What do you think. Might this be an acceptable solution?

The other question would be: The Asus UX31 seems to be quite silent. Are there other laptops out there that don’t produce annoying fan noise?