What does auto-recover do, exactly


Could somebody tell me the details of the Dorico auto-recover function? I sometimes have files that crash all the time (don’t ask), and then each time auto-recover presents me with the option to auto-recover. Does this revert to the last auto-saved file, or does Dorico also remember key-strokes since the last auto-save? Also, I often confusingly get to chose from two auto-recover files (one of them typically has AutoSave in the name), and it is not clear what the difference is and which I should chose. Would be good to know once and for all exactly how it works.



The projects that are offered to you when you start the program are the auto-save files. If the program after the auto-save was updated, those changes will not be present.

If you’re experiencing frequent crashes with a particular project, I’d like to see that project, and a diagnostics file, so I can investigate what’s happening.

Thanks for clarifying, Daniel. Any idea why I might be offered two auto-save files?

I will e-mail you the file, with a diagnostics report. The project is actually finished, but after I managed to recreate a crash with a few random commands.

If you recover one auto-save file but don’t save it, then you’ll have both the original auto-save from the last session and the recovered auto-save file. If you manage to crash the program again before you close either of them, then they’ll both still be there when you next start the application.