What does "collate copies" do in Dorico?

I am not that familiar with printing, hence that I want to know how this function works specifically with Dorico. Is there any difference between using that and not using that?

/ This feature is situated in the Print mode at the right panel when you select exporting to a printer in lieu of exporting to graphics.


Im the days when printers had very little memory, if you asked for n copies, they would print each page n times, before printing the next page n times, unless you specifically asked them not to.

The ‘Collate Copies’ flag forces printers to print all the pages of 1 copy, then all the pages of the next copy: – collating (e.g. gathering) all the pages together.

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Thanks for your explanation.
I bet my two dollars that nobody in Mainland China had translated this term correctly till now. I’ll translate this into Chinese as literally “Force printing contents of each copy in page order.”

// I am reinventing the wheel because nobody wants a rotten wheel. We Chinese users were suffered from the quality of the current official Chinese translation of Dorico for years.

Might there not be something a bit shorter?

“Gather each copy together” 一起收集每个副本

(Computer translation, but it translates back correctly.)

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This translation works well for people who are experienced in the printing works.