What does "Make Into Frame" or "Lock Frame" do? Doesn't appear to be doing anything

Having trouble formatting. Am I using “Make Into Frame” or “Lock Frame” incorrectly, because they seem to be doing nothing. See video:

The red triangle on the page 56 avatar (right column) indicates a page override, which could be interfering with your formatting.

If you want cram all that music onto one page, your best bet may be to make the “space size” smaller for that page (including the extra staff) or adjust the ideal distance between systems in Layout options. As you can see halfway through your video, the page as constituted simply cannot hold that music gracefully.

My guess is the problem is you have two flows in that same frame. It does complicate things.

See the instructions for using Make Into Frame here: you don’t select everything, just one item at the start and another at the end.

Your spacing on that left page looks a little odd though – did you use the Staff Spacing tool to move systems up manually, hoping the lonely system on the next page would move back? Staff Spacing won’t ever cause Dorico to recalculate casting off.

You could instead try reducing your vertical spacings for this layout, particularly/probably the inter-system gap, to allow more systems to fit on each page by default. And then use individual frame breaks to push music onto the next page wherever you like.

That’s one that bites me time and time again, because “select everything you want an action to operate on” is much more intuitive (to me, of course) than “select the first and last item of a section, separately”.
Would it be too much to ask the team to change it from “use the first and second selected item for the action” to “use the first and last selected thing”? This would not change anything for those who already know their way around, but it would be so much easier for those of us who have some hard-wired tripping hazards in their head :wink:


You can select a whole range of music, go to Engrave mode, and make it into a frame. Dorico takes the earliest and latest extent of the selection. This is also true for adding things with duration such as slurs and hairpins.

Selecting music in Engrave mode works a bit differently, of course. But Dorico will make use of whatever selection you’ve made.