What does N5.5.4 have that is NOT in Cubase 6.5?

What does N5.5.4 have that is NOT in Cubase 6.5? Is it worth the additional expense? My use will still be film scoring and occasional sound design. I’m wondering if I can just do the music production in Cubase 6.5 and the post work in N4.3. Is there some major, gotta have improvement in N5 that would warrant my getting it or waiting for N6?

Depends on your workflow and willingness to change habits.
If I wanted to, I could do Post work in CoolEdit Pro.
For me, Nuendo 5 -and most certainly 5.5- is waaay ahead of Nuendo 4.
I’m getting so used to certain features that I simply can’t live without them anymore.
And for pure “Post”, Nuendo 6 will be another big step ahead.


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Could you be more specific? What features are waaay ahead?

Marker import/export
EDL import
Multiple markers
Clip packages
Convert tracks
Pitch driver
Surround panner V5
Batch Export
Direct Routing
Monitor Matrix
Enhanced Automation
Plugin routing in surround
Group editing
Improved Lanes
Etc …


…this year or next year?

You still count in years?

I hope it´s rather weeks than months or years aways, but who knows, no one is giving us a hint.
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Hi Keyplayer,
here are some Nuendo features which are NOT included in Cubase:

  • ADR-Taker-Tool
  • 64Bit support for Blackmagic and Decklink video cards
  • new codecs
  • AAF-exchange
  • nice Pro Tools compatibility
  • bounce-to-markerpoints
  • clip-packages/groups
  • enhanced automation system
  • automation flexible passes technology
  • direct stem routing/mixer
  • Wave Meters
  • Monitor Matrix
  • additional post plugins
  • PitchDriver, realtime pitch plugin
  • MXF audio support
  • enhanced EuCon support
  • EDL List im/export
  • enhanced scrubbing engine
  • complete network integration via LAN, WAN
  • export Note pad data
  • enhanced surround panner
  • surround matrix decoder/encoder
  • additional postpro IRs for REVerence
  • enhanced crossfade editor…

…and other great post things.

Hope that helps,

Thanks a lot. This is the answer I was looking for!

Hi Keyplayer,

if you mostly work with post (!) and do a lot of film scoring/sounddesign, then Nuendo is the right tool for you.
My personal opinion. But it´s your personal decision, absolutely. Nevertheless, Cubase is great in the most musical areas - it is usually sufficient, yes.


I´m missing a Find Tempo feature for scoring in Nuendo described as follows:

“Set up your master list or import a cue sheet. Choose the type of hit for various markers and assign weight according to the importance of the hit. Then let [competing product] search your markers and suggest a tempo that hits critical cue points.”

Is something like that possible?

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Interesting Topic!

I hope it is ok to ask a few questions regarding some points which were listed above.

My faves when doing music are batch-export , convert tracks, marker import/export as well as the advanced crossfade editor.I like the enhanced automation beside some smaller goodies which are quite usefull. When doing Music only there are no exclusive-features which are elementary for getting work done but they are nice and I miss them when working in Cubase.

But what am I getting wrong here regarding Group editing and improved lanes? I was using Cubase 6.5 the last months because of serious Nuendo bugs (which are fixed now, YES!!) and I was not able to find out any difference here?

Biggest difference (IMHO) which was not listed here is the event GUI. I prefer the Nuendo way. Though I have to say that in the current versions things are not as cool as for example in V4 (repeating myself…) - The new scheme in Cubase is quite usefull - they removed the “transparency” option (which was a big PITA in the beginning) but since a while the events can be set up in a way which is a cool compromise, they are semi-transparent so you can see the grid lines behind them. It is cool.

Here my questions:

How can I make use out of the direct routing? I never used it. I once set it up to be able to bounce stems, but after I reopened the project the other day everything was messed up here, so I never touched it again.

someone named "nice Proo Tools compatibility - in which way? How does this work?

Since a while those network integration is there, but I never used - for what is this for? AFAIK I can even use Cubase to work on projects which are stored somewhere else in the network…

Haha, those wave-meters are looking awesome :slight_smile: But I completely forgot about them because I was not able to find any use for that… Maybe mainly because groups are not supported, most of my mixing is based on groups.

What is “Advanced” crossfade editor? How is it different from N4?

No, not different to Nuendo 4 - different to Cubase!