What does Network (Session 1) mean under Routing in Play mode

In Dorico for iPad I see an option « Network (Session 1) » below the Microsonic default in the Routing of instrument (left panel) in Play mode.

Does anyone know what can be done with this option? Unfortunately there is not much in the manual on the Play Mode .

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That’s some kind of MIDI port. I’m not sure exactly what that device is on your iPad, though.

@mavros Yes, I can tell you what can be done with Network (Session 1). Sorry for the late reply, but here’s your answer.

As Daniel said, Network (Session 1) is indeed a MIDI connection.
When you select Routing, Network (Session 1) is the MIDI Output connection Dorico uses. Below that you can set the MIDI Channel. You shouldn’t have to change that, as Dorico uses Channel 1, by default.

Below that you will see:

1.) a list of all the MIDI plugins you have installed (Steinberg’s Microsonic being one of them)

2.) if your iPad is connected to an audio interface or MIDI keyboard or any MIDI output device, they too will be listed along with your MIDI plugins.

3.) you’ll also see “Network (Session 1)” in that list. What the heck you’re thinking? That is a MIDI connection Apple uses to talk to other computers and iPads. If you select it, you’ll hear nothing since you don’t have an active connection with a computer or other iPad on that port.

I tried to be as concise, yet complete for you, as I could. I hope this helps!

If you have more questions, I’ll be happy to try and answer them for you.


Thanks John