What does pre/post mean re: MIDI Send?

For each MIDI Send on a MIDI Track there is a pre/post button. In this context what does that mean, what is it before or after?

The insert. :slight_smile:

OK, but I still don’t understand whats going on. Each Send slot has both an Insert and a Destination. Say I use a MIDI Modifier on the Insert to transpose up an octave. Insert > Destination makes sense - raise it an octave and then send that somewhere to be played. But Destination > Insert doesn’t seem like it would ever be useful. First you take the midi and send it somewhere to be played - good enough. But after that to transpose the midi and use it for… what, where does that get used. Won’t it just end up in the bit-bucket. The Ops manual is pretty minimalist regarding MIDI Sends.

If the send is set to Pre-Insert, the midi that gets sent on the send bus is not processed through the track’s insert. You send the unprocessed midi to the send destination, and the processed midi would play from the original track.

E.g., if you had a transpose insert on the track, and you set the send to Pre-Insert, the destination will receive the notes untransposed.

So if I ignore the actual sending then these Inserts are behaving just like the ones on the MIDI Inserts tab? I’ll have to play with this when I get to DAW-land.

Well, yeah. The sends have no effect at all on the original track. And the midi track that receives has its own inseerts. There are no inserts on the sends. We are talking about midi sends, right? It uses the same term but it’s not like audio sends where the send bus has inserts on it.

OK, played around and got it sorted out. The pre/post buttons on the slots in the MIDI Send tab do not refer to the Inserts located on the MIDI Send tab (which is what I originally thought). Rather they refer to the Inserts that are located on the MIDI Inserts tab.

So if a Send is set to Post then the midi data will have all the Inserts on the Inserts Tab applied followed by the Insert (if any) on the Send slot. Where if it is set to Pre only the Insert in the Send slot is applied.

Seems we were posting at the same time. No there is an Insert that is associated with each MIDI Send.

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