What does "reference value" for LUFS mean?

Hi - just to understand it because I cannot catch it from Wavelab manual and forum here. I am talking about Global Analysis, Loudness tab, EBU R-128 tab. There is Integrated Loudness row I understand it. But what I cannot catch is why the “reference” in brackets differs for different audio. There is written some preference setting in manual (pg. 55) related to this resulting value but I cannot understand it still. May somebody give me some explanation if (and in this case why) this reference shall be important for me or not?
I think the same applies to the other rows in this tab but the explanation should be the same for all of them.



Check here it’s a big subject…

regards S-EH

Hmm - I see I probably did not write my question clearly. I was asking about the implementation in Wavelab - I meant the “reference” value here as I wrote. I know what does the EBU R-128 mean but I would like to know this behaviour in Wavelab Analysis page. So AFAIK there is no theory I am actually missing since I pointed out the exact activity in Wavelab.

More clear now? Or am I still missing something?


regards S-EH

Thnx S-EHanson :slight_smile: I got the idea exactly as you sent the link :smiley: I was only “misinterpretting” the text in brackets in my mind…it simply shows the difference between LUFS measured and reference value set in Preferences - nothing special.

The thread you linked was probably somewhere hidden for me even I tried to find “reference” world through Wavelab forum… :-/

Thnx anyway!


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