What does "Synth Comp" mean?

Does anybody really know what the"Comp" means in “Synth Comp”. I have been googling for 30 minutes and I can only find a few guesses, like acCOMPanimen, and Complex.

Does anybody know fore sure?

Would you care to share where on the interface “Synth Comp” lives? I’m not finding what you are referring to.

If I had to guess, I’d go with it being compression - 'cause it’s audio stuff. Most things in Padshop tell you what they are if you hover over them.

The term comes from (keyboard) complement/accompaniment. These are generally versatile presets with a clear attack and decay that can be used for both chords or arpeggios and playing along the melody. Something like the DX7 E.Piano preset could be considered a “Synth Comp” style of sound.

He’s asking about the preset category. In Cubase, you can see the Categories in the preset browser by enabling the “Filters” section:


Thanks, that never even crossed my mind.