What does the "dual" option do in tape saturator?

If you have a look at the tape saturator in the rack, it has an option called “dual”. To my ears, it sounds as if it would simply increase the saturation/drive level, which would be pointless cause the drive can be adjusted with a knob anyway. What is it exactly and why is it called “dual”? :question:

Hi Subpantelis,

the Dual mode cascades two simulated tape machines.

So how does that work then?

I dont really use the plug ins so it would be good to try this out!

Jim B

Hey Andreas, thanks for answering.

But which analogue-studio situation is this emulating? Is it a submix of several first generation tracks (saturation 1) onto a new second generation track (saturation 1 + 2) in order to free the first generation tracks? Sort of 4 or 8 track recording technique?

Aloha guys,

After reading this thread I went and tried the ‘Dual’ setting.
(I had not used it before)

To my ears it does ‘fatten’ but is very subtle and can be best heard
when the plug is ‘maxed’. (I rarely max out that plug)

Worked nicely on kik/snr/tms/guits/bass and dirty synths.
These tracks sounded nice. Not much else tho’.


I almost forgot about the internal tape processing in the mixer.

If nothing else, you can automate this in and out for those ‘dirty’ sections, that is WAY better than loading an entire tape plugin just for a few seconds.

oo thanks!