What does the "Solo" button do in the Key Editor?

The Operation Manual says it “Solos the editor during playback if the editor has the focus” but what does “solo” mean? The word “solo” is used many places in the manual, usually as a verb, but it’s unclear whether it means the same thing in those different contexts and anyway I can’t find a definition. So what does it mean to “solo” the Editor, and is there a place where this is defined that I just overlooked?

Thanks in advance.

If you double click an event, you will get the editor (in either lower zone or another screen - depending on your settings) there should be an S in a circle on the toolbar, hit that - so it turns red - and you will solo the event, in other words, cut out all the other tracks and just hear that one.

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So just to clarify - Say I have 3 tracks with music in them - piano, cello, violin.

If I have the Key Editor open with just the the piano selected on the track list, so I’m editing the piano, and I don’t have the Solo button pressed, when I click Play on the Transport bar I’ll hear all three instruments, but if I click Solo I’ll just hear piano.

I assume therefore that if I have the Key Editor open with both the piano and cello selected in the track list, so both of them are open in the Key Editor at the same time then if I press the Solo Button I’ll hear piano and cello, but not the violin. In other words the Solo button will allow me to hear whatever is open in the Key Editor, even if there are multiple instruments open for editing.

Is that correct?

I think it would have cost you 5% of the time to just try it than write such a long post…

I think it would have cost you 5% of the time to just try it than write such a long post…

Try what? I didn’t know what to try until I saw Nik Hollis’s answer.

After that I did try it and got the results I described in my second post, but I wanted to make sure I was making the correct generalizations from my results.


Almost like this. The Key Editor is not track-based, it’s MIDI Part-based. So to open the Key Editor, you have to select a MIDI Part. Then once the Solo is enabled on the Key Editor, it solos the selected MIDI Parts (and opened in the Key Editor). If Editor Solo is not enabled, you hear all the project’s tracks (or all soloed - in the Project window or in the MixCinsole - tracks).

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