What does "Toggle Selection" do?

Can anyone tell me what “Toggle Selection” does under the navigation key commands. I have tried it with and in about every editor I can think of. Doesn’t toggle MIDI event selections, track selections, regions, events in Event List editor etc.

The manual doesn’t have anything about it other than that it’s assigned to command+spacebar. It sounds like it must be a pretty hot command if it gets to use the spacebar.

Aloha s,

After reading your post I
1-Scoured the manual.
2-Searched this forum.
3-googed Cubase 7.5 ‘Toggle Selection’.

After all that , I got nothin.

Gonna go out on a limb and say:

‘Toggle Selection’ can take two selected events/values etc
and toggle between them.
But that’s just a guess.

A lil like what ‘MemZap’ does with location info.

Perhaps someone who really knows will chime in
with the correct answer.

Good Luck!

Aloha Curteye, how do you “googed” somethin’…sounds really sexy, I’d love to try it, lol!

Key Editor

If you want to toggle the selected elements within a selection rectangle, press [Ctrl]/[Command] and enclose the same elements within a new selection rectangle. Once you release the mouse button, the previous selection is deselected and vice versa.


true but how does it relate to ‘ctrl+spacebar’ as by default assigned to ‘navigate>toggle selection’?

Sorry, misread my own answer!


These documents mention it without explaining what it does.


The name kind of sounds like the “Invert Selection” command but should just turn the selection on or off. Like you said kind of like a memzap which remembers your selection.

anyone knows then?

After this, I take it that it doesn’t do anything (visible) when executing?

When back at my DAW, it will be the first I try. Got me curious :confused:

Okay I found something Toggle Selection does and if this is all it does it is not that exciting. In the Project Browser it will toggle the selection of what ever has the blue box around it. This may not necessarily be the selection, there may be no selection and it will toggle.

I am guessing that might be helpful for a macro or something but seems there would be more to it then this but at least something has been found.

Thanks Skillet - from a Nuendo user 2 years later who couldn’t figure this out for the life of me!

Too bad I got used to Cmd + Sp for spotlight haha.