What exactly is the difference between HALion Sonic SE

and HALion Sonic?

SE contains only a sub-set of instruments compared to the full HALion Sonic.

AFAIK HALion Sonic/SE have the same engine as what will be HAL4/Grand.

What I’d like to know is is HALion Sonic SE included in any meaningful (free) way with C6/CA6.

I actually don’t worry about that …
But I think that the SE and Pre HALion One sets will work with the SE version
and that you will get the full version if you upgrade

All I want is a standard GM library in a DAW that steinberg makes, is that too much to ask?

From the manual, it looks like HalSonicSE does have a GM mode (as did Hypersonic). Your prayers have been answered !!

Is this for real?

C6/CA6 has a GM sample player onboard?

Wondering what the drums sound like now.

Anyone tried this?

None of us mere mortals have it yet. Download the manual & have a read. HalSonicSE has its own PDF.
It seems the GM mode can be coaxed into using your own preferred sounds if desired.

There’s been one for years … the Universal Sound Module.


No offence but surely it is junk?

I’ve tried all the big libraries and why is it that I have settled on something such as Terratec X-table when…

a) It was written for a guitar


b) has very limited (if any) editing capability

Well the reason(s) are simple, mediocre envelopes, little in the way of harmonic alteration of the original sounds.

Basically my fingers are crossed that this new steinberg offering will have learned from the past to not go “over the top”, while keeping it simple, straight forward and most of all…


I’ve got a Roland Sonic Cell as well that I can record to the sequencer and I am sure the new audio functions in cubase will kick some @ss but my true hope is HALion SE will see it switched off a bit more often.


If you’re looking for something that will offer an expressive sound when triggered from MIDI guitar, then I don’t know of any GM soft synth or hardware that will work “out of the box”, simply because they are too “general” MIDI … I kept my old TZ81-Z because it just works well with guitar, simple as it is.

I’ve had good results with Kontakt but it’s a lot of work, and the same goes for most other sample players I’ve tried. You almost have to plan what you want in a sound and then go create it from the various bits. Recently I’ve been getting into physical modelling sounds and I like where that’s going … AAS String Studio VS-1 is one example, and in Cubase you could try Monologue.

None of the solutions I’ve found were GM though, so I don’t know why you want one so desperately. In Cubase I’ve found the GM drums from HALion ONE convenient, but that’s about it as far as MIDI guitar goes.

As I said I have a Roland Sonic Cell, which kicks butt on the Motif (no hardware cuts it in terms of drums as far as I’m concerned, which is why I’m keen to know about HALion Sonic) but when using Cubase on it’s own I use X-table for the reasons stated above.

Basically Logic Studio has it (don’t know about PT) but it’s high time Steinberg gave users something basic to compose with instead of the now lame HALOne and all the other rubbish they’ve released over the time of making the greatest ever DAW in the world bar all the (arguably stupid) bells and whistles.

The stereo GM Kit in HALion Sonic sounds nice to me
there are also a few other GM kid’s in there
the HALion Sonic SE sets are actually not that bad … But the once in the Full version Are a bit better :stuck_out_tongue:


So HALion Sonic SE does not need an activation then, eg it is for free and comes with the included media ie disks and so on?

You read correctly.

You read correctly.

Finally Steinberg seem to be listening in some way!!

I know people want the whole show including a sampler but imagine being able to learn about how it all works for free :bulb:

Mighty fine effort Steinberg, thanks so much.