What 'External Plugin!?' :-/


Ive attached a screenshot of an error message that I received when trying to bounce down a session.

It says an ‘External plugin is used. Audio Mixdown must be done in realtime’, which is a headache if I have to do it each time :confused:

I dont have any external plugins. Has anyone else ran into this situation?

What do I do to fix it?

ex plug.png

I notice in your project that you have a folder for re-wire. If you are using re-wire to get sound into Cubase from another program, you’ll get this message when you try to mix down. That’s the “external plug-in” that Cubase is referring to. Cubase can’t go faster than real-time when audio is coming in via re-wire.

If you are in fact using re-wire, the only way to avoid this is to bounce down the rewire track to audio, and then remove the re-wire channel from the project. Then Cubase will be able to mix-down faster than real-time.

If you’re NOT using re-wire, you must have some external plug-in or instrument active somewhere else in the project.


I will try to locate what is turned on, maybe I hit something by mistake.

I just checked and all of my rewired connections are off. I will look again to be sure.

Thank you for the advice.

I get this for hardware inserts in the chain, but i suppose you ruled that out saying you dont have ‘external plugins’. If you had defined a hatdware insert in the Connections and accidentaly dropped the plugin on a channel, this will be an issue too.

I have 2 Keyboards as external Intruments. When I freeze this, always the mixdown is in realtime! Why? Where is the external PlugIn?