What factor affects the efficiency of batch stem export?

I have a project with 10 workflows, and each flow uses at least 6 tracks (averagely 7-12 tracks per flow).
I found that exporting them once for all can lead to the responsivelessness of vstaudio engine, making me wonder whether the following factor matters:

  1. the number of cores.
  2. if cores doesn’t matter, then basic frequency. (Turboboosted frequency may be unable to hold for a really long time on laptop.)

Also, please allow exporting stems into 24bit flac format (which can save a hell lot of file size if one track stem file contains too much silences).

I was not aware that there is such a thing.

If WAV or AIFF, the file size only gets affected by the time duration length of your audio file.
If FLAC, as a loseless format, it takes smaller file sizes in low-volume sections (especially silenced sections).
Supposed that you have a drum kit and you are gonna export each drum part into a stem, then FLAC can really be a badass file size saver.