I will be installing my product tonight for first time use. I’m reading through the guides and have a couple questions.

Since I will be using this simply as a mic hooked up to the computer do I really need any of the firmware updates? The only thing I know I need with this is the software that allows for on the fly switching on/off compression/effects.

  1. How do I tell what version firmware my unit has.
  2. Does “TOOLS for UR28M · Version 1.1.3 & Version 1.1.4” which comes with “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.7.3
    Steinberg UR28M Applications 1.1.3” Have that software that allows for on the fly activating/deactivating compressoin/effects?


well i got it working on my lunch break. the unit doesn’t itself state what version firmware, so i downloaded the 1.5 tools and then plugged the unit in with my at4040, works perfectly.

i go to install the firmware and it said ur28 not detected? I did have this going through a usb hub so will try a direct connection when i get back home later.

I did not see any actual software installed? Im wondering what version I need to get up to where I’ll have the software program that has the checkboxes for compression and EQ?

also, I’d like to get this fully operational sooner rather than later, so include your paypal email address in your response and i’ll give you $10 if you can help me

It looks like you installed older versions of the software. I would uninstall all of the TOOLS 1.5 components and start fresh. Download the driver from here so your computer can see the interface:

Then, download and install the latest firmware from the page you linked. It should be v2.1.1.

Lastly, you can download and install TOOLS v2.1.3 from that same page. It will contain the software mixer you were asking about (dspMixFx). You’ll be able to launch that separately from your programs/applications menu.

Thank you. I shot back home and did this. I didn’t grab the newest firmware yet but will when I go back home.

I just found out the compression/EQ effects “software” i referring to is actually a plugin for the dspmixfx called Yamaha Channel Strip. I tried to install this but it started asking for a licensing key so I got kind of stuck. Quick google searching shows I’ll probably need cubase? I have no idea what this is so I have a bit of learning and googling to do.

Thanks for all your help!

You should find the printed software keys among the interface’s included paperwork.

You need to install and run the latest eLicenser Control Center App. The actual license is contained in the hardware itself, but you need to active the license.