What folder to install GA expansion packs into?

Is there a tutorial , read me file, etc. That tells you which folder expansion packs must be installed into in the hierarchy, so they show up in the Groove Agent browser?
Does anyone have the short answer?

Windows 10 Pro
Cubase 11 Pro
Simon Phillips Jazz Drums expansion pack is installed, shows up in my elicensor, shows up in my MySteinberg account, so I guess it was activated, but doesn’t show up in the GASE5 browser.

Have you had a look at the Steinberg Library Manager?

It’s the hub for library locations.

I have looked at the library manager. 7 agents are shown, but not Simon Phillips Jazz Drums. I did see where the library manager says the location of each of the agents that do show up. I tried moving the .vstsound files to this folder, but still the expansion pack does not show up in Groove Agent or in the Library Manager.

The files are downloaded to


If you haven’t changed any default paths, go there and simply double click on any of the files that are part of Simon Phillips Jazz Drums.


That worked! Thank you. I don’t remember having to click on the .vstsound files to register them when installing the other packs with pro 11. Maybe they autoregistered? Well, the Library manager now shows the SP jazz drums pack. I’m guessing all future expansion packs will need the same clicking of the .vstsound files.

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