What gear are you using with your VSTL? What is your setup?

HI, i am currently using a Soundcraft Ui24r as a USB audio interface, but also thinking about using a Tascam us-16x08 or an audient evo16.

Has anyone had any experiences with these interfaces?

If so what are your thoughts?

What Gear/Interfaces do you use?

Any comments or help would be greatly appreciated in choosing the right setup for VSTL.

Hi! Soundcraft was working great, for travelling using AudientEvo8 (its a bit driver weak pointed also with VSTL). So if I were you, I would probably stick with Soundcraft …last but not least because of the reason it’s a digital mixer in any circumstances and you already own it :wink:

u have size matter or anything else behind looking for new I/O?

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Hello, for rehearsals and production I am using an RME Fireface UC, excellent. For vivo the idea is to use the Bheringer X18 mixer

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Hi, I use a Steinberg UR44 for preparation the Setlist and a Behringer X Air XR18 for rehearsals/stage both times on different Lenovo Laptops using a external SSD-Drive. In the next step we start using the DMX functionality using Enttec Open DMX USB.

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Thanks for your feedback guys, its food for thought, i have already tried moving all the processing to VSTL and just using the Soundcraft purley as an io interface, i have applied 6 band wave eq and compression across all 9 of my backing tracks in the mixer section, and 4 vocal stacks with again eq,compression, reverb and delay. Also got a 30 band GEQ on the stereo out mix. I have to say i was a little worried that VSTL or my laptop would struggle with the load, but no it is handling it all really well, cpu indicator is barely moving. Plus the video projection track and the lyrics autocue, wow this software can really handle the lot. I’m just going to try out this setup for a while before making any changes to the interface, but i appreciate and love to hear what you guys use and with what success you are having. Thanks again.