What happened to all the great web pages titled "What's new in Cubase X.x?"?

A good while ago I was searching for something unrelated directly to Cubase but I clicked the link and landed on a web page on steinberg.ne titled “What’s new in Cubase X.x?” and it was maybe C8 but that’s beside the point. Great presentation of all what was included and what was new, feature after feature. “Yeah, that was a great feature and oops this one I forgot to check out and that one I didn’t care fore but … OOOH whoooaaaooowww! this on I loved!!!”. Great pages and in the URL field you could type a version number to view C7x-C10.x or whatever. I promised myself to check out later. Now it’s later … but where are the pages???


I can see the New in Cubase 11 page here.

yeah, a company having information on their latest versions of their product on display is kind of mandatory, right?
So the info on what’s still vibrantly displayed on steinberg.net and still alive and used in Cubase from the most recent versions BEFORE C11, as per the actual question, is … gone?