What Happened to Creating Cubase Colors?

I have Cubase 10.5.20. I am trying to set a track color to black, but there is not black, and I can find no way to create a custom color? What did they do with that???

Go to Project>Project Colors Setup… and add your custom colors to the set.

That wasn’t enough information. I had been there already, and there is no visible option for adding colors like it used to be.

But I did see HIDDEN in a Setup star for each color, a menu that has “Insert Color”. That might be appropriate, but not intuitive.


change these

Thanks. That only adds preset colors. Custom colors, see my comment above.

Well it changes the size of your Color Set and initially does populate them with a default preset. But you can go in and customize the colors after that .

I think what they is saying is, there is no way to select true black - as you can see in your image, the ability to select those dark blacks is faded out.

I noticed this starting in version 10 I think, but realize if I opened up an old project created in 9 or something that had those dark blacks… I could port them over into newer version of Cubase. So thats the workaround hack maybe the OP will have to employ @lahatte

Yes, Raino, that’s what I finally discovered. It was difficult to find. Well, actually, clicking the gear to the right allows for inserting colors, which is what I wanted. Thanks for the detail though.

Of course the restrictions is for everything in Cubase. Never quite understood why they decided to make some color settings unavailable. Folks have all sorts of vision problems - why try and second guess what colors they might need.

I don’t think it actually keeps the old color and instead swaps in something it deems close. My Black still reads as black most of the time.

But it got changed to close somewhere along the line.

I just noticed at the top of Color Picker screen-grab to the left of the X it looks like it might be true black. This makes me wonder if the reason Steinberg won’t let us use some colors is because they want exclusive use of those colors for themselves?

@raino hmmm, not for me in 10.5… Maybe they started forcing in 11?

I damn needed my black-black because I use it as a project-wide delete colour in PLE for tracks and events in PLE script/macros

Of course the actual color doesn’t matter, only the name you gave it.

I do like “Black Black Delete” - sounds like a curse you’d place on a Track. Begone evil bass line.

haha yes, death by black hole void.

Yeah only the name matters, but I just wanted it to be far differentiated from any other dark/near black colours, That is a non-permissible black though.

If you have a Cubase 9.5 or prior project with true black in it, open up that project in Cubase 10.5/11 and then open up colour options and ‘Set as Default’… I think that’s how I hacked it. You’ll have to redo the rest of your colours though unless there is a way to combine I can’t remember.


alternatively, you can try importing a track from 9.5/prior that was coloured with true black. not sure that will work though

the black they allows is borderline gray.

Can you set true black if you set the RGB values to 0?

dont think so last I tried