What happened to my eLicenser?

I plugged it in today, and it asked me if I wanted to do “Maintenance.” So I did, and then for some reason my licenses showed up as “Soft” elicenses. Now it’s saying that my totally valid licenses are not valid. How do move them back over to the usb elicenser?

Very frustrating. If I did something, I have no idea what it was.


there is no way to move a license from a USB-eLicenser to a Soft-eLicenser and also there is no way to remove a license from a USB-eLicenser (all you can do is to move a license to another USB-eLicenser). Hence the problem is software related. Make sure that you’ve got the latest eLCC from http://www.elicenser.net installed.

If you received an error saying something about saving SLD files when you ran the maintenance task please see this article: