What happened to the Color Palette?

Opened an empty project to load raw files. As this was not going into my template, the default colors replaced my usual palette. No problem, I’ll just change them. Surprise, I can’t find the palette at all. :astonished: Where did they move that or are we now forced to use the 16 colors SB chose? :question:

Top menu: Project / Project Colors Setup or Alt/Shift/S

Thanks a lot! :grin::+1:

My pleasure!!!

But you cant save or load your own color scheme like in 10.0.10 ?!?
Or am I missing something ?

Thanks, Jesper

Project Color Setup has tabs. If you select the “options” tab at the top right, you can store a custom default set, reset the current set to the Default, or reset to Steinberg’s factory settings. Pretty much the same as before, I believe.

The middle tab is for Presets.