What happened to the group clips function in C6 ?

For the life of me, I can’t seem to find the “group” function when you’ve highlighted a number of clips and want them to move together as one when you’re editing - was it taken out of Cubase 6 (I have Elements) or is it known as something else ?

Your help would be appreciated !

You need to put the clips in a folder and then enable group editing there (in the folder there’s a button to enable this).


Control + G still groups like it always has here. Cubase 6.05
Control + U to ungroup.
Folder grouping is for “automatic” grouping.
I use both methods depending on the task at hand.

Is that on a PC or Mac ? I always used Command G :wink:

And that was what Cubase version…?

I was using Studio 4 before Elements 6.

Ah, learned something new today. Thanks!