What happened to the presets?

What happened to the presets in the morphing/EQ/Compression window for the UR28m? Since the firmware update, I haven’t been able to find the Yamaha or Engineer presets. Attached is a screenshot of what I’m talking about.
Thanks :confused:
EnginerOr YamahaPresets.jpg

If you search for .ssd files on your computer do you find them?

Thanks Alexis, did the search *.ssd, it yielded no results.

UR824 Channel Strip1.JPG
I’m having this exact same issue with my UR824. I was having no issues until right after the update. All of the presets disappeared except for the “Basic” setting. I am able to see the “Yamaha Preset” and “Engineer Preset” SSD files in Explorer as always, but when I try to search for them in Cubase 8, I am unable to locate and/or load any of these SSD files; however, I am able to find my VSTpreset files in these same folders and load them just fine.

The closest I can get is loading a different default template when starting a new project, and then being given a different default setting; otherwise, I can only access “Basic”. You can see in the snapshots that I am unable to access any other presets.

I would like to avoid having to reinstall everything if at all possible and am hoping it’s something simple I’m missing.

UR824, Windows 7, Cubase 8; all the latest updates installed.
UR824 Channel Strip2.JPG
UR824 Channel Strip.JPG

I had the same issue and contacted support. They sent me a zip file with all the presets and I had to put them in a specific folder which they instructed me.

Thanks J F, I’ll do the same