What happened to the 'secondary' time display?

There used to be a ‘secondary’ time display, such that I could keep my left and right locator displays set to show bars/beats, but also see the timecode in the lower transport bar. I now only seem to be able to find the ‘primary time format’ display. When I change this (say, to timecode) all the displays change.

It’s a while since I looked for this feature. Am I missing something?

All I want is to see the current timecode, and also the bars/beats of the L/R locators simultaneously.

Still there, hover over the vertical ellipses between the sections.

I’ve still got the ability to select a secondary time display … click the clock?

Thank you. For some reason I couldn’t get that clock to display at first - and I dragged every divider I could find . I switched a few options on/off/on and dragged the dividers again and the clock display suddenly appeared. Examining the display categories it looks identical to where it was when I started, but the clock is now in view. Very odd.

But it would appear I’m solved! :smiley: :+1:

Don’t forget the Time Display (Studio | More options | Time Display), which has every conceivable option in a resizable window, and SuperVision also has a basic time display.